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Winter is here

Winter is Here!

Winter is here! How to winterize your home for this crazy weather! It’s that freezing time of the year, where we will get below freezing a few times. There are many ways to help prevent any damage to your home and make sure you and your family stay warm. During the time you run your heater, you should change your filter once a month. If you don’t, the filters get dirty and that will restrict airflow. There are a few options for better filters, like permanent which will reduce the waste and is less hassle. Then there’s Electostatic filters which trap around 88% of the debris and are better at controlling the bacteria, mold, viruses, and pollen. All those ceiling fans you never expected to use in the winter? Turn them on, but put them in reverse. Doing this will pull the heat back up to your ceiling and circulate back...

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New Thanksgiving Traditions!

Thanksgiving..… It is interpreted in so many ways by so all kinds of families. Of course, there are the main traditions that most of us do EVERY year, but there are other traditions that are implemented into families as well. Most see it as a feast fest with all the Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, and a bunch of other foods anyone could ask for. Not only the food, but a time for family gathering, relatives come into town that you have not seen since last Thanksgiving. This is also time to give thanks for everything in life. With all that said, some of the biggest traditions for Thanksgiving have been watching the Macy’s Parade, of course FOOTBALL games, and let’s not forget BLACK FRIDAY shopping! You might be looking for something different this year, starting a new tradition with your family and kids. So, what are some...

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Halloween Time

First off, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! This is such an exciting time, for kids and adults. I think adults enjoy this holiday just as much as the kids. Who doesn’t like dressing up and getting the adrenaline pumping from getting scared a bit. Each house you go to is decorated a little or a lot different than the last, there are a big variety of costumes and how they are made, and getting candy we all secretly indulge while everyone else is sleeping. Although we don’t want to indulge that candy that we dread getting because no one really likes it. That is why I am revealing to you, the verdict of the not cool candy survey.   Not cool candies: Parade says these candies are the worst to give out this year. Some of these candies are just crazy to be on this list, but I guess everyone has their likes and dislikes. Smarties?...

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Gearing Up for The Fourth of July

Gearing Up For The Fourth Of July

Gearing Up For The Fourth of July Every year we find ourself gearing up for the fourth of July, making plans and executing tremendous events in order to celebrate for independence day. No, I'm not talking about aliens coming to attack and Will Smith shutting them down. I'm talking about the celebration of our independence day as a nation that in 1776 gained our independence from Great Britain. The holiday became a federal holiday in 1941. On that July 2nd, the Continental Congress voted in favor of independence, and two days later its delegates adopted the Declaration of Independence, a historic document drafted by Thomas Jefferson. during the summer of 1776 some colonists celebrated the birth of independence by holding mock funerals for King George III, as a way of symbolizing the end of the monarchy’s hold on America and the triumph of liberty. I always thought that is was kind of humorous that...

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Easter time is here!

Don't you just love Easter? Can you see the flowers blooming, the sun shining, and the cold fading? Spring is here folks and that means Spring holidays, one being Easter!! With the holiday but only a few days away, how are you preparing?   What are some of the things that pop in your mind when you think about Easter? I started thinking about Easter as a kid and the things that I remember most were of course, Easter egg hunts, The Easter Bunny, Easter service at church, my mom hosting Easter dinner, and our house being filled with Easter decorations.   Since I began reminiscing, I thought it would be beneficial for all of us if we took the time to dissect what really goes into preparing a fantastic party! I have compiled a list of items that I feel will make this holiday for you and your family, the best one yet!   Who’s coming?   It’s...

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