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Dangers lurking from Harvey floods

Texas just encountered devastating, or should we say catastrophic, floods that were completely unexpected from all. Yes, we knew it could get bad, but who thought it would be like this? We went from hearing that Harvey could become a Category 1 by land fall, to making it all the way to a category 4. Not to mention the stalling and going back out to waters only to make another landfall. Houston areas hit an all-time high in rain fall with the amount of time it fell in. The record was 48 inches, and some of us had well over 50 inches. Houston gets an average of 79 inches a year, this storm put us at just under 72 inches and we have months to go still.   So, what about after the flood? What are the dangers we witness?   Injuries Ever heard the saying “Turn around Don’t Drown”? Well, as crazy as it...

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zika virus

Preventing Zika Virus Infection

With the Zika Virus spreading rapidly through South America it is no wonder the CDC has begun issuing warnings to those traveling to the area. There have also been several reported cases in Texas and in other Southern states. Preventing Zika virus infections.   The symptoms of Zika are similar to the flu. The biggest concern with this virus is the reported effect it has on unborn babies. There is a high association of the virus and microcephaly. Microcephaly is a birth defect that causes a baby’s head and brain to not develop fully and causes lifelong disabilities.   The biggest concern in our region is that our local mosquito population can become infected with this virus, so it’s time we talk prevention!   If you are returning from one of the affected countries please wear mosquito repellant. This will hopefully prevent future bites, and prevent our local mosquitoes from carrying the virus. Make sure to empty...

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