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Small Budget Curb Appeal

Whether you are looking to sell your home or just spruce it up a little, curb appeal is the best way to do that. Here are some things to think about changing for that exterior pop on your house.   Paint front door, trim, or shutters: Pick a color that matches the rest of the house, but also makes your house stick out from the rest.   Upgrade your mailbox: Doesn’t matter if it is by the street or attached to your house, an upgrade gives your house a better curb appeal. Just make sure you comply with the city regulations if you are upgrading a mailbox that is by the street. Here is a DIY Mailbox video.   New House Numbers: If your house doesn’t have any numbers on it, then you can purchase some. If it does, you can paint them or buy new ones. One idea is to have them match the light...

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DIY Appliance Update

We all know a focus in any home is the Kitchen. Ever wanted stainless steel appliances, but just couldn't bring yourself to spend that kind of money? Admit it, when you bought or rented your home, the kitchen was one of the deciding factors to make you choose that home. Appliances can make a big difference in how the kitchen looks as well. What happens when you find that amazing home, but the appliances are not exactly how you had hoped? What if one of your appliances breaks and you don’t have the money for new stainless steel one? Good news for you, there is a fix that is much cheaper, you can DIY your appliances.   Materials All you will need for this project is: Stainless steel Contact Paper: Walmart $13 Credit card or something comparable to smooth out the contact paper Scissors Razor blade A helper And a little patience   How To First...

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New Thanksgiving Traditions!

Thanksgiving..… It is interpreted in so many ways by so all kinds of families. Of course, there are the main traditions that most of us do EVERY year, but there are other traditions that are implemented into families as well. Most see it as a feast fest with all the Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, and a bunch of other foods anyone could ask for. Not only the food, but a time for family gathering, relatives come into town that you have not seen since last Thanksgiving. This is also time to give thanks for everything in life. With all that said, some of the biggest traditions for Thanksgiving have been watching the Macy’s Parade, of course FOOTBALL games, and let’s not forget BLACK FRIDAY shopping! You might be looking for something different this year, starting a new tradition with your family and kids. So, what are some...

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Halloween Time

First off, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! This is such an exciting time, for kids and adults. I think adults enjoy this holiday just as much as the kids. Who doesn’t like dressing up and getting the adrenaline pumping from getting scared a bit. Each house you go to is decorated a little or a lot different than the last, there are a big variety of costumes and how they are made, and getting candy we all secretly indulge while everyone else is sleeping. Although we don’t want to indulge that candy that we dread getting because no one really likes it. That is why I am revealing to you, the verdict of the not cool candy survey.   Not cool candies: Parade says these candies are the worst to give out this year. Some of these candies are just crazy to be on this list, but I guess everyone has their likes and dislikes. Smarties?...

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halloween, trick or treat

Halloween is Approaching!

READY FOR HALLOWEEN?   Halloween is quickly approaching. In just over a week there will be ghouls, goblins, ghosts and witches coming to your house looking for treats. It’s important to remember that not every Trick-or-Treater coming to your front door can have candy.   There are many children that will be visiting your house that cannot have the candy that is being handed out. Children with food allergies, celiac disease or that are on special diets. Children that have ADD, ADHD and autism are typically on special diets limiting sugar, gluten, dairy or certain food coloring. Also cancer patients are on diets that limit sugar intake.   The Teal Pumpkin Project is making it easier for parents to recognize which houses are safe for their children to visit on Halloween. Participating houses will have teal pumpkins out on their front porch. Indicating to parents that this house is handing out non candy treats. Local party...

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