caring for your lawn

Caring for Your Lawn

Caring for Your Lawn

Keeping a lawn in tip top shape in the Texas heat is a bit of a fight with the elements. There are many factors that go into caring for your lawn and keeping the green looking great on the property. How many times have you had a great lawn in the early spring only to have a sun scorched brown lawn come august and just hope nothing flies off of the grill onto the ready to ignite grass. Hopefully we can throw a few tips over to everyone to prevent a poor lawn in 2016 and have a family friendly yard for the entire year.


In Texas, the warm-season lawn grasses used are Bermuda grass, buffalo grass, centipede grass, St. Augustine grass and zoysia grass. One of the most important factors going in is knowing which grass that you have on your property. Each have certain ways to be cut and a watering cycle that differ from each. Knowing this will give you an advantage of what you will need to do to care for the lawn.


Even though here in the Houston area we haven’t been in a water shortage or been given any bans on watering time it is always smart to try and conserve water while maintaining the property. Only cutting 1/3 of the grass blade and not bagging and rather leave the clipping on the lawn help while watering to add more nutrients back into the grass essentially feeding it itself back into the soil. This also helps prevent you from over watering which weakens the lawn and causes erosion and run off. It is always best to water in the morning to prevent the midday sun form scorching the lawn.


Feeding and fertilizing for each grass also differs and there are plenty of online help with charts and explanations to tell you the exact formula that you will need to use when feeding and fertilizing. Having the correct formula can keep pests away and make for a thicker more lush looking lawn on the property.


We know not everyone is going for the yard of the month here and are just wanting a nice lawn to entertain and not a dust bowl yard that keeps the jokes and comments coming from visitors. It really only takes one good afternoon after work or a couple of hours spread over your week to be able to achieve exactly what you want out of your property caring for your lawn. Everyone wants a bit of curb appeal and it always feels good to get those compliments from visitors.


Here is a link from the state that is very helpful!