Back To School

Summer vacation is coming to a close and that means only one thing – back-to-school!

We’re talking the works, school supplies, back-to-school bed time routines, new clothes, fresh haircuts, and the end of summer outings. In the hustle and bustle of back-to-school, parents can definitely find some things to help ensure that this time of year offers a smooth transition. We have come up with a few ways to help make sure that this year gets off to a good start!

Routines! We know that during the summertime, bedtime routines go by the wayside, therefore we recommend establishing the back-to-school bedtime at least 2 weeks prior to entering school. This allows ample time for kids to get enough sleep in preparation for the big day and it also ensures that mom or dad keep their sanity with the early mornings ahead.

Teacher! Who are your kid’s teachers? Have you attended any open houses, meet-and-greets, or orientations? Some schools offer these after the school year has started and we recommend attending every single one. These events will give you the chance to meet and spend some quality time with your child’s teacher. We also advise early morning drop-offs or after school meetings which can also provide additional opportunities to have one-on-one with the teacher. With technology use as easy as it is these days, even a short introductory email is a great way to let the teacher know who you are and how you can help throughout the school year.

Meals! Kids are in a constant state of hunger it seems, so planning out lunches, snacks, and meal times in your home will be a great help! Pack your children’s lunches with all the good fruits, veggies, and proteins that they will need to sustain their sponge-like minds. Hungry kids can make it very hard on teachers and on the kids themselves – making it hard to concentrate for both. Healthy lunches will keep their brains fueled for whatever the day throws at them and the teachers will be grateful.

What to wear! Setting out clothes the night before is a routine that we have established in our own household and it provides for a smoother morning. Before back-to-school, take a look through your child’s closet and set aside clothing that no longer fits them to give to donation. This will also make school shopping so much easier as you have a clean canvas to work with and you know exactly what your child needs.

One-stop-shop! Do you have a central hub in your home where you place your mail and perhaps your keys and purse or wallet? This same concept will help when it comes to your back-to-school ideas as it provides a centralized location for back-packs, calendars, bulletin boards for papers, etc. This is an area that needs to stay uncluttered and is only used for school items.

What’s up Doc? Are your children’s shot records up to date? Typically, the school will give you a call to let you know if a doctor’s visit is needed prior to the upcoming school year. Be sure and have all your doctor’s appointments made and scheduled early on. Waiting until the last minute may result in your child not being allowed in school. Also, most schools require that you re-register your child each year, therefore we recommend that you set time aside to update all your child’s emergency information.
Bullying. As unfortunate as it is that this is even a topic, it is very real for our kids. There are many statistics that show that bullying is extremely common and you can almost guarantee that your child will experience this at least once within their school year. Be sure and talk to your kids and make sure they understand bullying is nothing that should be taken lightly. If they see someone being bullied, teach them what they should do. Make sure they know who to go to in case they see this behavior and also reiterate how they should treat others.

Talk it out! With a new school year arriving, it is very normal for children’s nerves to be on edge. Some kids will also experience anxiety and sleeplessness. Talk to your kids and listen to their concerns. It takes no time at all to ask them what they are looking forward to this year and what they are concerned about. If they feel that they can speak about these things freely with you, then this will open up doors for not only school concerns, but life concerns as well.

Breathe! Back-to-school only comes around once per year so just breathe and prepare as much as you can!

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