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Top Restaurants to Visit for a Holiday Meal



With the holidays comes great food and feasting; it also means reuniting with friends and family to enjoy catching up on the past year’s events. So, whether your house is not ideal for hosting events or you simply need a break from the kitchen, there is always an option to eat out this holiday season. Here are our top picks for classy holiday meals in the Baytown area.

Monument Inn

Like a local institution when it comes to seafood, the Monument Inn has been in business since 1974. Although the original location burned down, the current waterfront restaurant has survived both hurricane Ike and hurricane Harvey. Locals can’t get enough of Monument Inn’s fresh seafood and the restaurant packs away an estimated 80,000 pounds of shrimp and roughly 25,000 pounds of catfish, crawfish and other fresh fish every year. For seafood lovers Monument Inn makes a wonderful place to enjoy a holiday meal with friends and family.

Main 101 Grill & Bar

Located in the heart of historic downtown La Porte, Main 101 Grill and Bar offers fine dining in a more relaxed casual setting. With its contemporary design and attention to customer satisfaction, this restaurant is sure to take some of the stress out of the holidays and allow you to relax and enjoy your meal. It also won’t break the bank since it has become known for offering up three coarse meals at a reasonable price. So, give yourself a break from the kitchen and meet some friends at main 101 Grill and Bar.

Opus Bistro & Steakhouse

A local sensation is reborn after the tragic destruction of hurricane Harvey. Opus Bistro & Steakhouse is now located inside the South Shore Harbor Resort and churning out all the decadent and sublime dishes it is known for. It earned its reputation amongst the elite waterfront venues by the bay with southern hospitality and gourmet dining. The newly reopened restaurant features warm elegant décor, first class food presentation, and waterfront views from every table. This time of year it makes the perfect venue for an elegant holiday meal and fantastic drinks with loved ones.

Brasserie 1895

For a more unique twist try some new American cuisine at Brasserie 1895. The Houston chronicle described this restaurant as, “popular with the surrounding neighborhoods, but it’s a destination for diners drawn by the work of this Belgian-trained chef with a Central Texas-German heart and a Houstonian’s zest for multicultural fun.” Legendary chef, Kris Jacob, employs a seasonal menu with creative combinations that will keep you interested in what’s new. Brasserie 1895 is also well known for its hand selected wine list and cocktails chosen to perfectly complement these inspired dishes.

Whisky Cake Kitchen & Bar

Whisky Cake Kitchen & Bar is a fantastic place for breakfast and brunch, but it also has an amazing selection of gastropub fare and libations crafted with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. This farm to table style restaurant makes everything in-house and features innovative appetizers, farm fresh comfort food, freshly caught fish, and craft cocktails. When you are tired of cooking from the previous night’s feast, Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar makes the perfect location to meet back up with friends and family for brunch before heading out for some holiday shopping.

If all this eating out for the holidays is the result of a house that’s not up to snuff, we may have the solution to your holiday dinner woes. We are Gulf State Homebuyers and we buy homes for all cash in the Baytown and Houston areas. If you are longing to get out of your current home and into a home more suitable for hosting parties and events, or you are simply eager to move, we can help. We buy homes as-is so there is no need to spend the time and money normally needed to prepare a home for selling on the open market. Even better, when you skip these steps and avoid the costs of a broker, real estate agent, and marketing, our offers are very competitive. Contact us today for a free, no obligation appraisal and be ready to host holiday meals in your new home next year!

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Jimmy Rose Testimonial


[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_single_image image=”29212″ img_size=”large” alignment=”center” style=”vc_box_rounded”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_single_image image=”29213″ img_size=”large” alignment=”center” style=”vc_box_rounded”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_separator][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I had an accident in the attic with the AC and it flooded one of my rooms. My daughter knew Dwayne through baseball and we contacted him and he came out and looked at the home and made me an offer.  The process has been smooth and no problems whatsoever.  I needed some time to move out my personal belongings and Gulf State was very accommodating.  They even offered to help me move out if it was necessary! I highly recommend Gulf State Homebuyers![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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The Best Kitchen to Prepare Thanksgiving Dinner



It’s time for Thanksgiving, the holiday that is most likely to put your kitchen to the test. Every oven, stove-top, and utensil will come into play as you prepare a Thanksgiving feast for all ages. Chances are, when your kitchen is under so much strain, its flaws and shortcomings become much more apparent. So, what would make a perfect kitchen for preparing a Thanksgiving dinner, or any feast for that matter? Here is some kitchen advice that will help you decide which family member should actually be hosting the big feast and some tips on what to upgrade and remodel to make your kitchen ready to handle Thanksgiving for years to come.

Start with the lay of the land. From the beginning, the design of the kitchen needs to provide you with plenty of counter-space to work with, as well as a setup that is useful and efficient. Plenty of pantry space is also nice for hosting large gatherings. In the industry, when designing a good kitchen, we try to stick to the fundamental kitchen design principal called the “work triangle.” This means that within the four walls of the kitchen, or sometimes the kitchen island, the refrigerator, sink, and oven are arranged on three different walls with no obstructions in between. When laid out in this fashion the chef can easily access all of the most important and commonly used kitchen appliances while moving through the kitchen in an efficient triangular space. If your kitchen is linier or set up in an odd fashion due to lack of space or other design shortcomings, then a remodel is sure to make your kitchen more useful and enjoyable.

With today’s lifestyle you will also want a kitchen with an open floor plan. This design has gained popularity over the years for many reasons. Most importantly for you, it encourages socialization and makes hosting gatherings at the home much more enjoyable. Now instead of hiding away in a kitchen that is separated from the action, you can converse with guests and be a part of the festivities while you are monitoring the meal. In fact, the tendency for side groups to gather and mingle in the kitchen during parties was another big influence for the shift in design preference. Now it is common to see islands and counter-tops worked into the kitchens layout specifically designed for small groups of people to gather. Once again, if your current home lacks an open floor plan it may be time for a remodel.

Now it’s time to talk about equipment. Appliances have come a long way over the years and if yours are starting to show their age it might be time for replacements. Smart home technology is the way to go now, with appliances doing everything from monitoring temperatures to turning themselves off – ultimately, they can take a lot of stress off of the cook, especially during a holiday feast when attempting to balance so many dishes at the same time. You can even use your smart phone to have the oven preheat before you get home or give you reminders and change oven settings while you are enjoying the party in the other room. Also, to improve the number of dishes you can be cooking at the same time, there are a number of great split ovens available that do the job in less space and more efficiently than the double stack ovens of yesterday.

If your home is lacking the efficient layout, open floor plan, and upgraded appliances needed to host a fabulous Thanksgiving feast, rather than spending the time and money to get it up to your standards, you could sell your home and move into one with the perfect kitchen. Sound crazy, not so fast. We are Gulf State Homebuyers and we will buy your home as-is for all cash. Our offers are extremely competitive when you consider the cost of upgrading your kitchen or any other remodels and repairs your home may need. Plus, you can skip all the fees for brokers, real estate agents, and marketing. We can close in as little as five days and can even help you move. So, contact us today for a no obligation appraisal – if you like what you hear you can be in the home with the kitchen of your dreams next holiday season. Happy holidays from the team at Gulf State Homebuyers!

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Damaged, Vacant, or Inherited Home Causing You Stress? Here’s the Solution!



Homeownership is a lot of work and if you own more than one property, the cost and time for maintenance can often become overwhelming. So, let’s look at the top three ways people become financially overextended with their properties and what to do about it.

Inheriting a home sounds like it would be a great financial windfall, but in reality, it usually ends up being a costly logistical and emotional nightmare. Inheriting a home typically falls on the heels of bad news, like a death in the family, so the prospect of financial gain is not ordinarily on the top of people’s minds. Homes that are acquired by inheritance are almost never in a condition to sell. As a result, when the time comes to sort out the inherited property it will need to be cleared out. This will require movers, multiple garage sales, or an estate sale to get the contents of the home properly delivered to inheritors or sold. Lastly, the home will need to be updated and refurbished, or sometimes repaired. This process can take months or even years to complete before the home is ready to live in or sell. We forgot to mention, this scenario is under ideal conditions. Throw in bickering siblings and relatives wrestling for their peace of the pie, contributing their own ideas and opinions of how to go about splitting up the inherited property and how to make the highest profit off of it once it sells! Because of all this, nine times out of ten, inheritors just want to sell the property as quickly as possible. To simplify the process and alleviate the stress, you can sell the property to an all cash buyer such as Gulf State Homebuyers. They can close on the sale of the home in as little as five days and will buy the house as-is so you don’t have to hassle with any renovations. All you are left with is deciding how to divide up the inheritance with your family.

An inherited home can also be the reason for owning a vacant home, but it could also be a vacation home that no longer gets use or an investment property that didn’t get the time and attention it needed to turn a profit. Homes that are intended to be rented, but for one reason or another remain unoccupied, are one of the most common types of vacant homes. Whatever the reason, a vacant home can cause a lot of financial and emotional stress. When homes sit vacant, it doesn’t take long for the structures to begin to deteriorate. This is because the basic cleaning and maintenance occupants typically perform, like picking weeds, clearing rain gutters, and raking the leaves, end up drastically extending the life of the structure. So, if no one it there to perform it, the home suffers. Basic house cleaning also keeps away pests, who will quickly move in and start eating away at the homes structure, insulation, or even the electrical systems. Any property that you are unable to maintain because of lack of time or finances needs to be sold quickly, because as the home continues to deteriorate the value will too. All cash buyers are good in this situation as well since they can quickly take the vacant property off your hands. This alleviates the two main reasons that a home sits vacant (lack of time and money), giving you the ability to sell and move on.

The last one is a big one when it comes to stress levels because it deals with the home you may currently be living in. We are talking about a damaged home! Fires, floods, and storms can often times leave the house unlivable, but even if the house is still safe to live in, the damage is likely to interfere with your ability to enjoy the house and can cause quite a few inconveniences. Cost aside, workmen and contractors coming and going throughout the day, coordinating repairs with your daily schedule, and the dust and noise of home repairs are all unpleasant at best. When this happens to you, there is another option – you could sell to an all cash buyer. Completely skip the cost and trouble of repairing the damage and let someone else handle it. At Gulf State Homebuyers we buy homes all cash, as-is, and in all conditions, even damaged. With all these scenarios, when you take into consideration the cost of repairs, upgrades, and the fees associated with selling a house, our offers are extremely competitive. So, contact us today for a free appraisal and sell your damaged, vacant, or inherited home in as little as five days!

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What’s Happening in Baytown this Season?



The holiday season is all about celebrating friends, family, love, and joy. You are sure to enjoy a good party or feast this time of year and may even have the occasional guest to entertain. So, let’s take a glimpse at what is going on in Baytown this season when it comes to feasting, shopping, and entertainment.

Fall has arrived and thanksgiving is just around the corner. Not only does that mean lots off cooking in the near future, but lots of shopping as well. To help stock up for your holiday feasts and maybe find a gift or two while you are at it, check out the Baytown Farmers Market. Described as a Hallmark movie setting, the market offers a peaceful environment to shop for your goods while helping to support your local economy. The Baytown Farmers Market also features live entertainment, artist, crafters, and entrepreneurs. So, come on down and mix some handmade and locally sourced food and gifts into your holiday routine this year. The market happens on the third Saturday of each month at Baytown Town Square which means you can catch it just in time for Thanksgiving dinner!

For an exotic change of pace, check out the Taste of Pan Africa Food Festival on November 24th at the Oak on Pruett. This cultural event promises a stellar evening of food, wine, music, philanthropy, and networking. Join with friends and family to enjoy the best Pan-African cuisine as chefs from East Africa, South Africa, West Africa, Brazil, Haiti, and the Caribbean Islands arouse and excite your taste buds. There will also be authentic high-quality African clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags, and accessories for sale, which make great, unique gifts for the holidays. Plus, a portion of the proceeds from this event will benefit the Hope for Us Charity.

Christmas on Texas Avenue kicks off this year on December 5th with the Baytown Christmas Parade. The Christmas on Texas Avenue Festival is one of Baytown’s largest events of the year. This family-oriented festival is sure to get you in the holiday mood. This year’s Christmas market features a wide variety of holiday entertainment, shopping, and children’s activities including: live music, photos with Santa & Mrs. Claus, arts & crafts, bounce houses, train rides, ice skating, food trucks, and more. Christmas on Texas Avenue is sure to brighten your holiday and bring out the Christmas cheer this season.

You can dance off all the food you’ve been eating and get into the holiday spirit at the Baytown Ballroom Dance and Golden Grooves Holiday Dance this year. Happening at the Baytown Community Center on December 20th, the free event is sure to be a blast from the past. The Big Band will be playing live and featuring all your favorite holiday classics, so put on your holiday best and dance the night away for the last dance of the year.

For new year’s why not pop over to nearby La Porte to celebrate in style at the historic 1956 Sylvan Beach Pavilion. The 6th Annual New Year’s Eve Gala will be held in the glass curtained circular ballroom of this landmark. Buffet dinner will be available, along with musical entertainment provided by The NightBeat Band; additionally, party favors will be provided and guests will participate in a midnight champagne toast with black eyed peas & cornbread. What a memorable way to ring in the new year while supporting the preservation of some local history.

Here at Gulf State Homebuyers we want to make sure that you get the most of this holiday season. If you are faced with the added stress of selling your home during this very busy time of year, we can help. We are all cash homebuyers and we can help save you time and money when it comes to selling your home. This is because as all cash buyers we buy homes as-is and in any condition, even damaged homes. As a seller you can skip the time and money required for upgrades and repairs that need to be done before the house goes up for sale. Plus, you can skip all the expensive fees that come from working with real estate agents and brokers. Just contact us for your free, no-obligation home appraisal and we will make you an offer the very same day. It’s that easy! So, don’t stress over selling your home during the holidays and let us take care of all the work so you can enjoy this festive time of year.