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Selling Your Home as First Time Parents


Becoming a parent for the first time is an exciting and stressful time in your life, so why on earth would you add selling your home to the seemingly endless list of new priorities? Believe it or not, the stress will go away and all the wild preparations, worries, and anxieties of bringing a newborn home for the first time will pass. In fact, there are many reasons to sell your home when you are starting out on the adventure of parenthood.

Move Closer to Family

Many people who are becoming parents for the first time have followed their education and careers around the country. While this has benefitted them greatly financially, it’s likely that very little consideration was placed on the importance of a support network.

Little things like errands and household chores can become very difficult once a newborn is added to the mix. This means that selling your home and moving closer to family to raise a child can be beneficial. Having the support of your family often means that you can continue on a solid career path without the high costs of childcare. Plus, the presence of grandparents in a child’s life has many positive benefits for child and grandparent alike. Children benefit greatly from the loving, nurturing stability a grandparent provides through their wisdom. Plus, grandparents actually get a healthy boost to their overall mental health provided by the connection and mental stimulation they receive interacting with grandkids.

Move to the Right Neighborhood

Another consideration is setting your growing family up for the future in a home you can stay in through your child’s formative years. Selling your home and moving to a house with room to grow can be a wise move early in your child’s life. Consider a neighborhood with all the right amenities like parks, schools, and entertainment to prevent the need to move again until after they have graduated high school. Stability is an important factor in a child’s growth and putting off a move until they have already entered grade school could put them at a disadvantage for building lasting connections and friendships in the future.

Another reason to try to find a place to stay is for your own needs. We already mentioned the advantage of having family nearby, but this support network can expand into a tight knit group of parents in the neighborhood. These friends can really make raising a family fun by trading childcare to provide you with the free time you need to get work done or go out and have fun. These types of networks don’t happen overnight, so it is best to cultivate them over time in the same house that your child will grow up in.

Move to a Bigger House

An important but basic reason to sell your house is simply to provide more room for a growing family. It is very rare that new parents would already be living in a large home with extra rooms and a backyard that they are not using. This is why now is a good time to sell. Move into the right home that suits your needs and has potential to grow and expand if needed. Look for homes that give you options for the future, like space to add another bedroom or a bonus room if you decide to have more kids down the road or room to add play areas or a pool to the backyard once your career really takes off. Getting settled now in a home meant for a family means saving money in the long run while providing the best possible life for your family into the future.

Are You Ready To Sell?

I know what you are thinking – selling my house right now with all of the stress and uncertainty of becoming a new parent is just too complicated and time consuming. That’s where we come in – we are Gulf State Homebuyers. We will buy your home for cash in as-is condition. That means no real estate agent, no upgrades and repairs, and no expensive fees. We do our own appraisal and make you a highly competitive offer on the same day. If you like the offer, we can close in as little as 5 days with a simple signature. To make things even more hassle free, we can adjust your closing date to ensure there is no gap between the move in date on your new home; plus, we can help pay for your move. If you are interested in getting a free appraisal, contact us today and start parenting fresh in the new home of your dreams.

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5 More Reasons Why SENIORS Are Selling Their Homes!

Continued from our last weeks blog.

There are many reasons seniors should consider selling their homes and switching to a house that is more suited to fit their needs. Last week we discussed 5 reasons seniors should sell their homes. They were: 1) Move to a smaller home and travel; 2) Stop wasting time on maintenance; 3) Get upgraded with the most recent tech solutions; 4) Sell your home and move to your dream location; and, 5) Move to a walkable community. We felt that there were so many good alternatives for seniors that we needed to bring you more reasons that they should move to a new home. Let’s explore 5 more reasons seniors would be better off selling their home.

  1. Get two homes for the price of your old home!

When you own your home in retirement you have a lot of options. Though you may have been tempted to up and move to a tropical paradise, perhaps family, friends, and neighbors were too important to leave behind. So, why not give yourself the best of both worlds by buying a smaller, more manageable home close to friends and family, and using the extra money to get a vacation home or apartment in the destination of your dreams. Now you can be building equity in a second home away from home rather than spending half your vacation budget on a hotel.

  1. Go to warmer weather!

If you don’t feel tied to your current home now that all the kids have moved away, moving to nicer weather is a real possibility. Seniors get more uncomfortable in cold weather as they age, which is why warm destinations like the deserts of California, Nevada, and Arizona, or the tropical climates of Florida and Hawaii, have become national hotspots for retirees. Since we are not the first to come up with this brilliant idea many of these communities are already built with active seniors in mind. They offer a huge variety of activities and events catered to enjoying the warm weather to its fullest.

  1. Find a fixer-upper! (For active seniors!)

Let’s face it! Seniors are just more active and healthier than they used to be. Hobbies and light work around the house are not only recommended, but often enjoyed by people in all stages of retirement. It helps them keep their days busy and their minds and bodies active. That is why selling your home and moving to a fixer upper could be right for you. If this sounds like you, then it is a great way to enjoy the hobby you love and affordably get into the neighborhood of your dreams at the same time.

  1. Move closer to family!

This may be opposite of the retirement in the tropics that we mentioned before, but the truth is that family is important. Over time families can get spread apart as they follow careers and spouses to new areas. With your new-found freedom in retirement there is nothing stopping you from moving to be closer to them. Having family nearby is great for a number of reasons, like getting to spend more time with grand kids, saving money on travel expenses during the holidays, and getting help with doctor’s appointments. Interacting with family also does wonders for senior’s mental health, providing them with a valuable sense of connection and wellbeing that long-distance phone conversations simply can’t provide.

  1. Move to a senior community!

This may sound obvious, but many times people overlook the benefits of moving to a senior community. However, moving to a senior community can be the all in one solution you are looking for in retirement. These can be as big as a small city built entirely with seniors in mind. Not only are the layouts of these communities walkable and usually golf cart friendly, they are loaded with every form of entertainment imaginable. Retirement communities offer an endless calendar of events to supplement the golf courses, tennis clubs, equestrian facilities and other luxurious amenities available to keep their residents active. You are sure to find a neighborhood full of new friends with all the comforts you need as you age just a stone’s throw away from your new home.

If you are a retired senior or approaching retirement, and you are interested in learning more about your options for selling your current home and moving, contact us today! We are all-cash home buyers located in Baytown, and we are interested in helping you live your best life in retirement!

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5 Reasons Why SENIORS Might Sell Their Homes!


Many seniors feel that since they own their home, they should just keep it. For others, the thought of moving simply never crossed their minds. However, staying in your current home is not always the best option. There are many reasons seniors should consider selling their homes and switching to a house that is more suited to fit their needs. Let’s explore the top 5 reasons seniors would be better off moving to a different home.

  1. Move to a smaller home and travel more!

Many seniors are simply living in a house that is too big for their needs. As life goes on kids move out, home offices stop being useful, and spare bedrooms see less and less use. All this extra room equates to more cleaning and maintenance for retirees living in a home that is too big for them. The extra space can also be seen as extra cash just sitting around waiting to be put to good use. By downsizing to a smaller more manageable home, there will undoubtedly be money left over that can be enjoyed during retirement. Use the savings to take an annual vacation or even buy a motor home and travel more.

  1. Stop wasting time on maintenance!

It’s a fact of life: Older homes tend to require more maintenance as the years go by. Regular wear and tear alone takes its toll on a house; add that to some bad luck with mother nature and repair and maintenance bills are bound to grow every year. Moving to a newer home is a simple way to rid yourself of pesky maintenance bills. New homes have all the latest technology and will have the benefit of warranty coverage in the event that something does go wrong. For seniors on a fixed income this can provide peace of mind knowing that their entertainment budget won’t be used up on home repairs.

  1. Get upgraded with the most recent tech solutions!

Another major perk that comes along with purchasing a new home is the technology that is integrated into the home. Aging baby boomers are spending small fortunes upgrading their current homes with this smart home tech. They find that all the automated features and added safety the technology provides makes their lives easier and more manageable as they age. Rather than struggling to get your home up to date with the latest home tech solutions, which can require installations that temporarily make the home unlivable, simply move into a new home that has everything you want seamlessly integrated into the house already.

  1. Sell your home and move to your dream location!

After a life time of work, why not retire in the place of your dreams…you earned it! With equity in your home there is no reason you can’t live out your dream retirement. If you have always pictured yourself lounging in the sun in a warm tropical paradise for your golden years, then now is the time. The good news is that the dream is easier than you think. Since downsizing the size of your home is a is a big recommendation for many retired persons living in the U.S., buying a home in the place that you have always dreamed of is a very real possibility. An even better way to enjoy your retirement to its fullest, sipping on pina coladas and lounge in a hammock every afternoon, is to move abroad. This is not nearly as crazy as it sounds – millions of Americans every year are retiring abroad because the strength of the U.S. dollar allows you to live like royalty in many exotic locations.

  1. Move to a walkable community!

Let’s face it, living in the United States most likely means that you rely on your car. Many seniors in their retirement find driving more difficult as time goes on; and, to make things worse, at some point your driving privileges may be taken away due to your advanced age. This is a great reason to get set up in a community that is developed with pedestrians in mind. The fear of losing your license is not the only reason for seniors to search out homes that have a walkable neighborhood. Most seniors today enjoy staying active and getting out of the house for some light exercise. Many retirees enjoy meeting up with friends on a regular basis for a brisk walk. Living in a community with plenty of open spaces, trails, and paths for walking gives seniors a huge boost in their quality of life during retirement.

If you are entering retirement or in retirement, and you are interested in learning more about your options of selling your current home and moving, contact us today! We are all-cash home buyers located in Baytown, and we are interested in helping you live your best life in retirement!

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First Time Homebuyers…It’s Time To Upgrade!


When you set out to purchase your first home, you were most likely faced with an array of decisions related to what amenities you had to give up to afford that first house. That initial step is a huge financial commitment for anyone; and, unless you have endless access to capital, there were specific aspects of the home that that you had to sacrifice for your first purchase. Maybe it was that extra bedroom for an office, that backyard where you wanted to install a treehouse, or the extra bathroom so that guests could have easy access from the communal areas – Whatever it was, it is now time to transition out of that first purchase and upgrade to the home of your dreams.

How Can You Do This?

Many are unaware of the benefits of owning your own home. As you own your home and make payments on your mortgage, you are building your equity. This means that you have access to capital that thousands of other Americans only dream of. And, good news for you – owning a home usually helps you build capital quicker than a savings account, thanks to the appreciation on your home.

So, to answer this question simply – you can use the capital from your current home as a down payment on your next home! This amount will most likely equate to more than the amount you saved for your first down payment, which means that you can select more features for a new home (you will have a higher budget!). Here are some of the most common reasons why our clients sold their home and upgraded to a new one:

  • Move to a bigger home. Is your family growing or do you want an office? Move into a larger space.
  • Upgrade amenities. Don’t waste time and money on upgrades when you can buy a home that already has the highest quality ones installed.
  • Move closer to work. Stop wasting time on your daily commute and allow yourself to spend more time with family and friends.
  • Move to a new school district. Make sure your kids get the best education!

What Is The Next Step?

If you are ready to take that leap and transition into that home that you always dreamt of, then it is time to sell your current home. There are two options to consider when selling your current home:

  • Sell on the market via a real estate agent.
  • Skip the hassle! Sell directly to an all-cash buyer.

You must remember the challenges that you faced when purchasing a home – working tirelessly with a real estate agent until you found that perfect home that you could afford. Well, when you are looking to make the switch from you first home to your second home, you are faced with the unfortunate situation of working with a real estate agent…twice! Once to sell your current home and once to buy your next home. However, we have created a way to make this process simpler by removing the necessity of selling your home via a real estate agent.

We buy homes from first time homeowners, such as yourself, at competitive prices. We buy homes that are in all conditions, as-is, and we can close on any home in as quickly as five days. Plus, our process is simple! Once you contact us, we will have one of our qualified staff meet you at your home. They will assess the value of the home and make you an offer that same day! We have worked in the industry for years, so we have an extensive understanding of the value of homes, ensuring that we make you a deal that will help you step into that new dream home. If you accept the offer, we draft all the paperwork – this means that there are no closing fees, attorney fees, or agent fees that you will be responsible for.

What If You Still Owe Money On The Home?

Not a problem. We understand that most homeowners purchase homes by taking out a mortgage, typically extended out to 30 years. There are few people that own their homes outright – and by the time they own it, they are entering retirement. We want to help you get into that second home before it’s that time. So, we take into consideration your remaining balance on your loan and can work with your bank to assess the optimal situation to help you get the capital in your pocket to make your next purchase.

Are You Ready?

If you want to learn more, or speak with an educated specialist, contact us today!

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Welcome to the family Richard Pena

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Welcome to the family Richard Pena, it was a pleasure!


I was very pleased with the explanation from Gulf State Homebuyers and more specifically Camila and her interest in purchasing my home under the extenuating circumstances. Also, I was pleased with the promptness of communication and relevant information regarding the selling and buying process. I felt like I was treated fairly and any concerns I had were addressed promptly. Even though Camila is a Houston Texans fan, I would absolutely recommend this business as a source for home selling options.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]