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Did You Make A Mistake When Purchasing Your Current Home?


Have you recently purchased a home and discovered that it was in fact not the right home for you? Or are you considering buying your first home and fearful that you may purchase the wrong home? Unfortunately, this happens more than we would like to report. Individuals get excited about specific attributes of a house and make a rash decision to purchase. Then, after they have moved in, they discover that they have made a huge mistake!

We want to help you avoid making this mistake…and provide you a solution if you have already realized that you made this blunder!

How To Avoid This Mistake…

We have worked with dozens of clients in the Houston area who have reported that they identified after they purchased their home that there was something about the house that did not fit their needs. Here are the four most common errors reported:

  1. The neighborhood was not what they expected.

There is an extensive amount of research that homeowners conduct before moving into a home – what the neighborhood is like, how the school systems rate, and what the crime rate is. Unfortunately though, there are certain aspects to moving that cannot be researched – one in particular is the behavior of your neighbors. Some may be extremely noisy or throw parties often. To avoid moving into a neighborhood that does not meet your expectations, always talk with the neighbors before the purchase – that is, ask them how they enjoy living on the street, how quiet and/or loud the streets get at night, and any other question that may be specific to your wants of a certain community.

  1. The design is not for them.

When assessing your future home there is usually a long check list of the wants, must-have’s, and no-ways. However, it is extremely challenging to find a home that meets all of your criteria. Unless you have an unlimited budget, you most likely have to make some sacrifices on your checklist – and the most common one that people report to sacrifice is the layout. More often than not they think to themselves that they can deal with the layout – say for a fabulous view or a built-in pool. This is not a mistake to be made! You will spend a majority of your home life in your home, so selecting a home that has the layout of your dreams is crucial. If you are on the lookout for a new home, place this item at the top of your checklist!

  1. They chose the fixer-upper.

Over the last two decades fixer-uppers have been on the rise – these are homes that can be purchased at a lower price point but need some repairs, maintenance, and remodeling. Thanks to home improvement shows such as “Property Brothers,” “Flip or Flop,” and “Queer Eye,” thousands of Americans are jumping into purchasing fixer-uppers with the expectation that they will renovate just as they saw on television. Though, many people who adopt this mentality are truly unaware of the financial burden and time commitment that goes into renovating a home. Before taking the leap into one of these huge projects, be sure that you complete all necessary inspections and get a contractor’s opinion on how much the improvements will cost and how long they should take – this can give you a better timeline and budget of what to expect.

  1. They overlooked inspections.

What if you found a home that you loved and you allowed the seller to give you his or her word that the property was in prime condition? Many homebuyers do just this – they overlook the need to have all inspections completed prior to close. They assume that because the home is newly built or newly renovated, the issues can’t be that bad. This is a major assumption when making a house purchase. If you are in the process of purchasing a new house, confirm that all inspections have been completed before you close escrow! These mistakes can be extremely costly, especially if a problem with the foundation is uncovered.

What To Do If You Regret Your Purchase?

For those that are in the market to purchase a home they have the ability to review this list and ensure that they don’t make these mistakes. But, what about those individuals who have already purchased their home and then realized that they made a mistake?

Thankfully, there is a way out – sell to an all-cash buyer. We here at Gulf State Homebuyers purchase homes in any condition – we also purchase homes of all designs and in all the neighborhoods surrounding the Houston area. We provide homeowners with competitive offers and a simple solution to getting out of their unwanted home – watch now to learn more, or contact us today and speak with a representative on how we can help you get out quickly!

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6 Reasons Why People Sell Their Home Quickly…


There are multitude of reasons people choose to sell their homes quickly – but why do people choose to sell their home in this manner, to an all-cash buyer, instead of on the market with a real estate agent? Here are the six main reasons why people make the decision to close on their home quickly:

1 – They Inherited the Home

Often times people find themselves inheriting a property, either expected or sometimes not. When they inherit the home, they are faced with the decision of what to do with the house. A majority of these inheritors choose to sell the home, especially when there is more than one person involved in the inheritance. Selling on the market can take months, which is not a process people want to go through at such a difficult time. Therefore, selling to an all-cash buyer quickly can be a more reasonable decision.

2 – They Are Getting Divorced

Another common and tricky situation where a home needs to be sold in a short time is divorce. Though it is possible for couples to separate on good terms, the sad truth is that divorce can be messy. In order to split the value of a couple’s assets accurately and fairly, it is usually necessary to liquidate all of the splitting couples shared assets to come to terms with the final divorce proceedings. No one wants to linger in a situation with lawyers and bickering couples, so it’s best to just sell everything and go your separate ways.

3 – They Were Relocated for Work

A more positive, but no less stressful need to sell in a hurry is relocating for work. Many times, raises and promotions come with the contingency of relocating to areas of opportunity within a person’s organization. This can include many sectors, both private and military. When a person is working their way up to bigger and better positions, it is not uncommon for them to be asked to move to areas where their skills are needed. In some cases, people are asked to move relatively quickly, so selling on the market provides limited options for their situation.

4 – They Are Facing Foreclosure

Foreclosure is another unfortunate situation to find oneself facing. If a person is struggling to keep up with mortgage payments, it is best to sell the home before it is foreclosed on. By selling the house before it is repossessed by the bank the owner can use whatever equity is left to start over again. In addition, they may be able to stop a foreclosure being placed on their credit score.

5 – Their Home Was Damaged by A Recent Storm or Fire

If a home is damaged in a fire, flood or any type of natural disaster, the cost of repairs may not be worth it. Repairing a damaged home is extremely time consuming and often times the home is unlivable during the repairs. The expenses can begin to grow as a mounting list of previously undiscovered problems are exposed over the course of repairs. This stress coupled with the potential financial burden causes many homeowners to want to get out of their damaged home quickly.

6 – They Are Tired of Being A Landlord

Being a landlord has its many perks, but sometimes it doesn’t work out. There are many reasons landlords want to sell their properties, but the one that makes them want to get out quick is having bad tenants. Landlords do their best to screen for potential problems with renters, but when bad tenants slip through the screening prosses they are extremely difficult to get out. There are countless laws protecting renters’ rights that it is often times better to sell the bad tenants with the property and forget your troubles.

If you do sell quickly, confirm you have a reputable and honest company.

With the increase in companies available to purchase your home, homeowners need to ensure that they sell to a reputable and honest company. To assess if a potential company is right for you, review their procedures as well as their reviews.

We at Gulf State Homebuyers may be the company you are looking for! We are A+ BBB Accredited, we have a simple and straightforward process, and we have the history and reviews to support our claims. Additionally, we received the Houston’s BBB Distinction Award for 2016, 2017, and 2018.

If you are looking to sell your home quickly, contact us today to learn more.

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Is it Time to Downsize Your Home?


Previously we discussed the Benefits of Downsizing and outlined how downsizing can save you money, help the environment, and reduce your levels of stress. However, many people are reluctant to make the move because they just do not know if downsizing is right for them! To assist with the uncertainty that many of our client’s face, we have outlined a few questions that you can ask yourself to help you decide if downsizing is right for you.

What is your financial situation

The most prominent reason that people downsize is to reduce their costs. If you are experiencing a financial strain or would just like some extra spending cash, then downsizing could be the solution for you. There is no question that a smaller home requires less money spent on maintenance and bills, so downsizing to assist your financial situation is always a smart move.

Would you like to travel more?

Living in a large home can be time consuming and costly. Between maintenance and cleaning, many individuals and families find themselves contributing the majority of their nights and weekends just to their homes upkeep. What many do not consider is that although they have a large, beautiful home, their home is actually impacting their ability to travel.

One secret that is making its way to headlines is that by downsizing your home you may actually be increasing your chance to travel. Homeowners will not only save time and money on downsizing, but can now use that extra time and money to go on weekend excursions or world explorations.

Is the size of your family changing?

Most individuals downsize after their children head off to college – this is an obvious reason since the children will no longer be occupying a room. However, there are other changes in family dynamics that may indicate that it is time to downsize. First, there is divorce – the situation that no family wants to endure, but when it happens, downsizing can be beneficial not only in restructuring the home, but also in providing a fresh start. In addition, the loss of a loved one, say an elderly parent that you have been caring for, could be the trigger for a move. If you have been saving space for anyone in the family who is no longer living with you then you are in the position to benefit from downsizing.

Do you want to improve your mental health?

Here is the less expected question to ask yourself, but it is a crucial one for those who want to live a long and happy life. In recent years, the concept of “tiny homes” has been on the rise. Not only do these homes assist homeowners in reducing expenses, but in fact, they also help them improve their mental health. When you live in a home that only accommodates your needs, you will be less stressed about utilizing the unused space in your home. Additionally, with a smaller home, most individuals tend to spend more time outside when their living area is just that – for living. Lastly, downsizing equates to owning less stuff. The American belief that “things” help improve your life is a false belief – studies have actually proven that by reducing the amount of “stuff” you are attached too, the more satisfied and happier you can be in life. If you question this concept, think about the Buddhist mentality – letting go of everything to improve your life has been around for centuries, and now homeowners are adapting the concept to their everyday lives as well.

Are You Ready to Downsize?

If you have read these questions and identified a benefit to a potential change then it may be time to talk to a professional about your options. However, if you decide to sell, the process can be long and tedious (specifically if you work with a real estate agent.) So before you jump in and sell on the market, consider speaking with an all-cash buyer such as ourselves – Gulf State Homebuyers.

We buy homes in the Houston area for all cash at competitive prices. We close quickly and create opportunities for our clients to smoothly transition into their next phase of life. We buy homes as-is and in all conditions – this includes damaged homes and houses facing foreclosure. Plus, our process is simple!

If you want to learn more about how we can help you downsize, save money, and reduce stress, contact us today for a free consultation.

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Move to the Best Neighborhood for Your Family


The neighborhood that you raise your children in can have a large impact on their future. From the amenities that allow them to explore the outdoors, to the school and athletics programs that provide them a chance to attend a prestigious university – every aspect of your community can either give them a better future, or create a barrier that they must overcome.

With this is mind, it is imperative that when you are deciding to start a family, you review the pros and cons of every potential neighborhood and identify the one that best suits your needs. However, many people do not know what this checklist consists of – so let’s take a closer look.

Strong Community Network and Neighborhood Amenities

The first aspect to consider when picking out a neighborhood for your future is to identify what the community is like – are there programs that can allow you to get to know your neighbors such as activities at a local community center, or are there nearby parks or pools that you can walk to and enjoy on the hot summer days?  These bonuses to your neighborhood will not only provide your children with an array of events, but will also provide you as the parent the chance to meet like-minded people in your community and make friends.

Schools and Athletic Programs

Another factor to consider, specifically when you are selecting a neighborhood that is best for your children, is to review the neighborhoods school system and athletic programs. Depending on what your hopes are for your children’s future, this aspect can vary – some parents find it important to have access to the best pewee football league, while others are looking for schools that offer dual language programs. Identify your priorities and review the programs that each school district provides.


You may have a detailed checklist of what you do and do-not want for you future home and its community, however, the hard reality is that your financial status does not always match your list. Therefore, when assessing a community, you will want to look at the affordability of specific neighborhoods. In addition to looking at average values of homes, you will also want to look at details such as average price per square foot (especially if you are looking for a large home for that big family) and what amenities are included in the average homes (backyards, pools, open living areas, etc.). By identifying the most affordable neighborhoods you can start to narrow down your final selection.

Job Opportunities

Finding the best neighborhood for your family goes beyond looking for the children – it is also essential for your future and mental health as well. Not only do you want to select an area that has supplemental job opportunities, but you will also want to select one the minimizes your daily commute. Finding a stable job that can support your family and reducing the stress of the morning commute can actually improve your mental health, which ultimately allows you to better enjoy your time with family!


Last but not least, you want to consider the accessibility in both the neighborhood and in your future home. If you are currently living in a home that has a walk-up, lacks space for an expanding family, or is so busy with traffic that it could pose as a threat to children playing outside, you may want to consider a move. If you are just looking, these are some of the things you want to assess. Additionally, you can review what the sidewalks are like – do they provide room for you to get your daily exercise – and, what will accessibility be like during all four seasons? Fortunately though for those living in Baytown, the seasons will not impact you too much!

Are You Looking To Move To Your Next PERFECT Neighborhood?

Many Americans who currently own their home are hesitant to transition to a new neighborhood, even when it comes to moving to improve the future for their children. The moving process is daunting and timely, and with Americans working more hours than historically, the challenge may be too big for them to battle. However, what if there was a way to make this transition easier?

We are here to tell you – there is! If you want to move and remove half the hassle, we can help. We can buy your home, all cash, and remove the need for you to market and sell your home through a real estate agent. We can even modify the terms of the close that best suits your needs – so if you need extra time to shop and find the next best neighborhood for you, that’s no problem. You can live in your home until you are ready to go, and we will even help with your moving expenses. We provide our clients with competitive offers so that they can take that next step for their family’s future.

If you are interested in learning more, contact us today and speak with one of our qualified representatives!

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Steps to Selling to An All-Cash Buyer…and the Benefits!


Are you ready for a change? Has your family outgrown your home? Do you need more living space to accommodate everyone’s growing needs? Are you looking to transition into a home in a top-notch school district? In essence, are you looking to move?

If you are then you have probably been doing some research on your best options for moving. Reviewing different real estate options, assessing where the real estate market is, and driving yourself crazy on whether or not you are making the best decision for your future. Well, if you want to consider a simpler option to moving, think about selling your home to an all-cash buyer. Selling to an all-cash buyer can help relieve some of the stress of selling on the market – no longer do you have to think about marketing, staging, and negotiating – instead, you can sell your home in four simple steps.

First, A Bit About Us….

We are Gulf State Homebuyers, a full-service real estate investment company founded in 2006. We are located in Baytown and purchase homes all-cash in the Greater Houston Area. We buy homes regardless of the reason the seller is selling – we buy vacant homes, those that need renovations and upgrades, those facing foreclosure, investment properties (with or without tenants), condos, and damaged homes. We are an A+ Better Business Bureau member and have previously been awarded the Distinction Award for 2016, 2017, and 2018. We are dedicated to providing sellers a fast, easy and stress-free way to sell their real estate.

With over fifteen years’ experience in the real estate market, we have created a home-buying strategy that makes the selling process easy for our clients. Our process is free and requires no obligation from the seller – if you change your mind at any time, no problem – just let us know. Now, let’s take a look at those four steps that can get you out of your old home and into a new one….

Step 1 – Make the Initial Call

Taking action on your part is the first step to get the ball rolling. To learn more about our company, you can visit our website here. To contact us, you can call us at 281-816-5454 or send us an inquiry here. If you chose to send an inquiry, we will have one of our acquisition specialists contact you as soon possible.

Step 2 – Schedule an Appointment for a Home Assessment

Once we make contact, we will set up a time to visit your home. We will assess the value of the home while we are there and determine the value that we believe the home is worth. Again, remember that we buy homes in all conditions and as-is – that means that you as a homeowner do not need to worry about changing a thing.

We are knowledgeable investors with years of experience. We will not be requiting home inspections that take up your valuable time – we just bring ourselves and our expertise and are able to make the assessment that same day.

Step 3 – Get an Offer: Choose to Accept or Decline

While we are visiting the home we will make an offer on the spot. Our offers are competitive and the final terms can be customized to your needs. At this point, you as the seller can chose to accept or decline the offer.

If you accept, then we handle all of the paperwork, from start to finish. This includes drafting all agreements and completing all title transfer paperwork.

If you chose to decline, no worries. We will walk away and you will have the freedom to move forward with your home sale however you would like. Again, you have no obligations throughout the process.

Step 4 – Collect Your Check

After we have completed the paperwork, all you need to do is come in, sign, and collect your check. We will work with you on the closing date and ensure that you have enough time to move and take care of all details for your next phase.

Benefits of Selling to Us, Gulf State Homebuyers

Not only have we simplified your home selling process, but we provide additional benefits to home sellers as well:

  • You will not need to hire a real estate agent or market your home
  • You can sell your home as-is – no money spent upfront
  • You will not need to commit to or complete any inspections
  • We can close in as little as five days
  • There are no closing costs on your end – we cover them all
  • Plus, we can help you with moving costs!