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We buy houses throughout the greater Houston area. Let our specialists help you today!
We buy houses throughout the greater Houston area. Let our specialists help you today!
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sell your home fast

The Best Way to Sell Your Home Fast

Sell Your Home Fast Need to sell your home fast? Selling a home can be a difficult process. If you are looking for a quick sale, then the most common methods don’t always produce the timely results you may be looking for. Should you hire a realtor to help you sell your home? This is something many people don’t even think about. They automatically assume that choosing a realtor will be the best option for them, but that may not be the case.   Can A Real Estate Agent Sell Your Home Quicker?   If you had the opportunity to work an entire day with your local real estate agent you would quickly learn one very valuable lesson. Real estate agents are extremely busy people. They spend a lot of time in the office, but then they must also give themselves time out in the field to show properties. When most people are clocking out...

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texas real estate market

Why the Texas real estate market is booming!

Texas real estate market We have all heard the saying, “Everything is bigger in Texas,” but for the real estate market it appears as if things are better as well. While the real estate market in the United States seemed to be somewhat stale for the entire year, the real estate market in the big old state of Texas saw some great improvements. This wasn’t an isolated event either because the entire spectrum of the Texas real estate market saw improvements.   The Texas Luxury Real Estate Market   The luxury real estate market in Texas is large and it has been generally unaffected by the real estate market troubles that plagued the rest of the United States. This is because people who makes these types of purchases have no problems paying for the properties without any type of financing. Luxury real estate buyers generally make cash purchases.   The Texas luxury real estate market has also...

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perfect time to sell

Gauging the Perfect Time to Sell Your Home

Perfect time to sell Homes are an investment and there are plenty of things that can influence the selling price of your home. The neighborhood, current condition of the surrounding homes and the current condition of your home all play a huge factor in determining the value or selling price of your home and the perfect time to sell. There are other things that can influence the value of your home as well. New research has shown that the price of gas can ultimately have an impact on the value of your home. Yes, you read that correctly. Gas prices do seem to have an impact on the value of your home.   How Do Gas Prices Influence the Price of Your Home?   A recent study conducted in the Las Vegas area has shown some interesting insight into this question. Over 900,000 home sales were studied. The sales ranged from the year 1976 to...

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home selling secrets

5 Home Selling Secrets Top Selling Realtors Don’t Want You to Know

Home Selling Secrets Trying to sell a house quickly is not an easy task. However, there are a few well kept home selling secrets that can help you get rid of your home very quickly. These are the same exact tactics the the best performing real estate professionals use to move the houses that no one else can seem to sell.   Showcase Storage Space   Storage is one of the things every potential home buyer is looking for. If you can’t currently show off any of the storage space that your home provides, then you need to do some re-organizing. Empty those closets and storage spaces. At maximum, they should be half full.   Lights Equal Sales   One of the best kept home selling secrets is providing good lighting inside a home. People love well lit spaces. Open up all of your curtains or remove them entirely. Replace any low watt light bulbs with bright, yet soft...

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get rid of your house

Get Rid of Your House Fast!

Get Rid of Your House Everyone who is involved in the real estate market is always more than eager to see a booming real estate market, but a rapidly growing real estate market could point to future troubles. If you take a closer look at history, you will learn that these supposed real estate booms were often quickly followed by real estate busts. This type of pattern is where the term “real estate bubble” comes from. Sooner or later that big inflated bubble is going to pop, and not one person wants to be around when it does. We can help get rid of your house.   A Huge Investment   Your home or your future home will be a huge investment. In fact, most people spend more on their first home than anything else in their entire lifetime. It is the American dream after all, but this is one dream that has turned into...

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why cash makes sense

Why Cash Makes More Sense When Buying and Selling Your House

Why cash makes sense The great American dream is owning your own home, but this dream is not always an easy accomplishment. Not only do you have to find that perfect dream home, but you also have to somehow come up with the money for it. You really only have two options when it comes to funding your dream home. You can get a loan or you can pay with cash. Why cash makes sense? Each payment method is very different from each other. Here are the major differences in paying cash and financing your dream home.   Cash Is Cheaper   Being able to pay cash for your dream home will open up quite a few doors that introduce some serious advantages; one of which is lower costs. The first and most obvious place where savings show up is the lack of interest. When you finance a home you wind up paying much more...

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sell your home quickly

3 Great Tips to Help You Sell Your Home Quickly

Sell your home quickly Sell your home quickly sounds easy enough, but unfortunately that is not always the case. 10 years ago it was not unusual to see a house sell within its first few weeks of being on the market. In fact, if a house sat on the market for more than a month, it was considered to be a problem. In today’s market it can be really difficult to determine whether or not a home will sell quickly. There are so many factors that come into play and the current housing market shifts in different directions on a daily basis. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure your house gets noticed and that can be all it takes to drum up a sale.   Curb Appeal   First impressions still rule and this especially true in the real estate market. If your home does not have good curb appeal,...

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nightmare money pit

Did You Inherit A Nightmare Money Pit?

Nightmare Money Pit You get the bad news that a relative has passed away, but there is a silver lining to this dark cloud. Your relative left you their home in their will. You are now the proud owner of a house! This also sounds like great news, that is until you get a good look at the house. Your new inheritance is a run down slum at the top of the hill. In fact, it looks like some haunted house from a Hollywood movie set a nightmare money pit. Believe it or not, this happens all the time. What should you do? Luckily, you have a few options to mull over.   First Things First   The first thing you need to do is go check out the property. You need to actually do more than a simple drive by. You need to go inside and check things out. Don’t mind the rats and...

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Home Sales Climb

Will Home Sales Continue to Climb?

Home Sales Climb For the past six years home sales climb and have been on the rise. This is good news for anyone who is closely involved in the real estate market. Things were not looking good for quite a while. This steady stream of upwards movement is very encouraging, but analysts are saying the current condition of the housing market is still on shaky ground. Sales were good for the month of September. There was a 0.2% rise in single family residential sales, but August sales have been revised down from 504,000 homes to just over 460,000 homes. The only area in the United States that has seen a constant growth in sales is the south. Every where else, including Texas sales have fallen slightly. This is partly due to the fact that homes in the western half of the United States are often a little higher.   The recession that happened over...

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Open House

Thinking About Having An Open House? Wait Until You Read This!

Open House There are plenty of great ways to sell a home when the market is slow. Real estate agents are constantly trying to re-invent ways to get people through the front door and interested in a potential piece of property. One of the more popular home selling methods is the infamous open house.   We have all seen these. They are almost like a real estate party. Agents will have food and drinks available and they will inform every single person in their network. Does the open house actually produce results? Of course it does, but there has been a recent open house trend that is a little unsettling.   The Open Invitation   An event as this is an open invitation for any person to walk right into your home. Think about that for a minute. Why in the world would you want to invite a bunch of strangers into your home without performing any type...

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