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We buy houses throughout the greater Houston area. Let our specialists help you today!
We buy houses throughout the greater Houston area. Let our specialists help you today!
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Property tax advice

Help With Property Taxes?

Need some property tax advice? We receive our property taxes annually. For most people the new appraised value of your home can come as quite a shock. With the housing market continuing to improve many people have had their value increase and as a result have had their property taxes increase astronomically. If you feel that your home is valued incorrectly you can dispute the appraised value of your home. Here are some helpful tips on how to dispute your appraised value and some great property tax advice.   Find out how much homes are selling for in your neighborhood. If you know a realtor they can check home sales in your neighborhood. Usually it is best to go back at least a year to have enough home sales to prove your value. While reviewing the recent home sales, be on the lookout for foreclosures and short sales. These lower home values for the...

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Handling an Estate

Do you have an estate you need to probate? Handling the estate of a loved one is never an easy task. There are preparations to be made, calls, paperwork, attorneys, and packing up their home. An inherited house is a minefield of paperwork and memories. Selling your inherited home is never an easy decision.  The memories alone are enough to make you want to keep the home. The trip down memory lane while packing up will make anyone question if selling is the right decision. The potential for a rental property is also appealing to those with a home that is suddenly available. However, becoming a landlord is a time consuming endeavor. There is maintenance, paperwork and the potential for bad tenants. Also, unfortunately in times like these siblings and other family members tend to argue over what is the best way to handle and inherited house. Gulf State Homebuyers will make selling...

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hurricane katrina

Remembering Katrina

Do you remember when Hurricane Katrina hit land? Ten years ago this week Hurricane Katrina ripped through New Orleans. Images of destroyed and flooded homes are covering the internet as we remember the terrible destruction this category 5 storm caused as it ripped through the Gulf Coast United States.  There are many ways to protect your home from the high winds that are brought on by a hurricane.   For a home not directly on the coast plywood is one of the most popular options for protecting windows from the high wind. It is best to have the plywood measured and labeled in advance of a storm. That way when a storm is bearing down on your region they can be placed on the windows quickly and efficiently. For those with limited time and funds tape is also an option. While it does not protect your windows entirely it does prevent the glass...

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prevent foreclosure

Sometimes Foreclosure Happens

 Do you need to prevent foreclosure on your home? Life is unpredictable. What is good today could go bad tomorrow. The recent highs and lows of the stock market over the last few days is proof that everything can change in a heartbeat. The unfortunate truth is that tomorrow your spouse could ask for a divorce, you could take a pay cut or worse be laid off.  Many of these situations lead to financial instability and the possibility of a foreclosure on your home.  Just know there are solutions to prevent foreclosure.   Foreclosure is a very stressful situation to go through. There are the phone calls from collectors. All the paperwork. People coming by your home at all hours to talk to you about payment. Plus the bank will even try to talk to your neighbors about the property adding extra embarrassment. Selling your home on the market is almost impossible. First...

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sell your home

Advantage of Selling Your Home for Cash

Want to sell your home for cash? When you’re trying to sell your home, you may need to do so as quickly as possible. Some reasons to sell for cash may include avoiding foreclosure, bankruptcy, other financial difficulties, avoiding the need for a Realtor, selling a home quickly, and making the process easier on yourself. Selling a home in the traditional manner means that you will need to take the time to find and hire a Realtor, make sure the home looks its best, advertise the sale of the home, and wait for an offer on the home. Then, you’ll need to make sure the sale of the home goes through. Instead, some of the advantages of selling a home to a house cash buyer are the speed of the sale, the convenience of the sale, and to make sure that the home is sold without worrying about any complications.   Speed of...

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sell your house

4 Reasons You May Want To Sell Your House

Want to sell your house? Here are four reasons you might want to sell your house:   1. Low housing supply: Tight inventory is a main reason the ball is still in the sellers’ court.   The level of unsold homes was 4.6 months in February, according to the National Association of Realtors. That means it would take a little less than five months for all available inventory to sell. In a normal market, a five-to-seven month supply is considered balanced, said Danielle Hale, director of housing statistics at the NAR.   Tight inventory tends to prop up home prices and can result in multiple offers and spur bidding wars.   But at the same time, low supply is also keeping some sellers in their homes. “They aren’t typically going to sell and then rent,” explained Hale. If sellers aren’t comfortable that they will be able to find a new home, it can keep them off the market. “There needs...

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sell your house fast

4 Tips to Help You Sell Your House Fast!

Looking to sell your house fast? Selling your home is not always as simple as putting it on the market and making a sale. There are plenty of cases where homes sit on the market for years. This is not what most people want. Most people want to be able to sell a house quickly. There are some very surprising real estate tips that can help you sell your house fast.   What Is Near Your Home?   There are all sorts of things that can help make a home sell faster. Sometimes all it takes is the right area. If your house is in a good neighborhood, it will sell faster than a house that is not. The same could be said of houses near popular retail establishments like Starbucks for instance. A recent study revealed that homes located near a Starbucks rose in value over 90%. Similar homes that were not near a...

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oils impact on real estate

What is oils impact on real estate and how that affects you?

Oils impact on real estate? Have you ever wondered what oils impact on real estate is?  The Texas real estate market has been anything but normal. While other markets across the country had plenty of inventory, properties in Texas have been in high demand. Some people seem to think that this could all change thanks to the recent drop in oil prices. The entire Texas economy is heavily influenced by the price of oil. This is something that many long time residents already know.   In the past when oil prices have plunged so have other markets within the great big state of Texas and if you have made a trip to the local gas pumps lately, then you know how low the prices have come down in just the past two months.   Is There Still A Demand for Property In Texas?   For the past 3-4 years the Texas real estate market has been somewhat...

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2014 was a great year for the Texas real estate

2014 Was A Great Year for the Texas Real Estate Market

2014 was a great year for the Texas real estate 2014 was a great year for the Texas real estate market. Records were made and the Texas real estate market continued to make its own rules. While most of the country was seeing a slow and somewhat stagnant real estate market, Texas was seeing records sales in every single real estate category across the board including new construction. It was not uncommon to see construction crews all over the state in 2014. Many people who are involved in the real estate market are wondering if this growing trend is going to last and continue into 2015. Only time will tell. Here are a couple of the best real estate happenings of 2014.   Toyota Moves to Texas   The great state of Texas just might be as American as they come, but that did not stop the automotive giant Toyota from moving its headquarters out...

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real estate predictions

Real Estate Predictions

Real Estate Predictions Real estate predictions for this year look promising. Yes we have all survived yet another year. The real estate market certainly proved that you never really know what the future may bring. The market saw some interesting changes and home sales all over the United States varied greatly. What will 2015 bring to the real estate market? Here are a few predictions for what the real estate market may hold for us in 2015.   Mortgage Rates Will Rise   In 2014 mortgage rates managed to stay pretty steady. They hovered right around the 4% mark on average. Analysts are predicting this steady pattern to change with mortgage rates rising as high as 5% across the country. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to score a good low rate, but the average rate is expected to rise in 2015.   House Prices   The value of homes stayed somewhat steady across the nation in...

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